My Interview w/ Blavity!

Its pretty dope when the people and brands you admire admire you right back. Heres a snippet of my interview with Blavity

I think we are told who we are from a young age and we’re often taught to take what we can get as well. I don’t think our parents ever wanted us to settle but I do think there has been a strong element of being grateful for stability instead of reaching for the riskier things in life. Being a creative is risky. There’s competition and oftentimes not a lot of money at first. You’ll look around and see people in other fields and think maybe you’re crazy for wanting to be a painter or a singer or a travel blogger, especially when the world might want you to just sit down and be quiet and smile. So really breaking out of that barrier is huge for creative women of color. I think it’s really vital that we look to our staples of inspiration and repeat the mantra, “She can do it. I can do it.” Realizing that the only thing between where we are and where we want to get to is time and effort. That none of us are privileged — it’s all hard work.

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