5 Easy Snacks For Go-Getters

On the go and feeling peckish?
Here are 5 easy (& cheap) snacks to keep your freelancing brain in the game

Triscuits w/ Hummus & Sliced Veggies
Try this Spicy Herissa from Love & Hummus with a side of orange and yellow bell pepper slices.

Cup of Nut Milk & Almonds w/ Berries
Cashew milk is an extra creamy alternative for almond milk!

Wheat Toast w/ Nutella & Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are jam-packed with protein and fiber

Turkey Jerky & Edamame
Be sure to choose a low-sodium, low-sugar all natural option like this Basil Citrus jerky from KRAVE

Spinach, Watermelon & Goat Cheese Salad w/ Quinoa
The juicy watermelon is a perfect replacement for salad dressing

Tips For Keeping Your Diet Freelancer-Friendly:

  • Pre-pack snacks and keep them in the pantry/ refrigerator for on the go grabbies
  • Always include a raw veggies with each meal
  • Splurge on a glass water bottle (or two or three)
  • Plan meals and cook up a storm on down days freeze for
  • laterInvest in good food-based organic daily vitamins

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