Do Strippers like it when you Get Hard?

There are a lot of things about the adult entertainment industry that most people do not know about. It gets even more difficult if you have never really been in a position to interact with strippers. There are some things that we believe they are comfortable with, perhaps out of ignorance or because of the little understanding that we have about their business. However, these are not always true.

Secondly, this is a personal service industry. This means that what the strippre is comfortable doing with you might not necessarily be what they are comfortable doing with another person, or what another stripper would be comfortable doing. Bearing that in mind, the question of whether or not strippers like it when you get hard is a grey area, and there are good reasons for it.

First, most of the strippers will take your arousal to mean that they are doing their job well. Therefore, since the business is about satisfaction, they will be happy you are having a good time. However, the challenge comes with what happens next. If you are aroused to the point where you lose yourself, most will feel uncomfortable and might even end the show altogether.

Whether or not a stripper will like it when you get hard will also depend on how long they have been in the business. There are a lot of strippers out there who feel awkward when you get hard and they are dancing for you, especially when they are still new in the industry. When you are new in the industry a lot of things might not be clear, and you could worry that the client might take advantage of you now that they already have a hard-on. This, therefore makes them feel uncomfortable.

On the other side, there are strippers who feel awkward in case you are not getting a hard on when they are dancing for you. For such, the challenge lies in understanding whether they are not pleasing you enough, or perhaps you have a problem that they do not know about yet. Naturally, it is weird for a man not to be aroused at the sight of a sexy female dancer gyrating all over their laps. For this reason, therefore, it will actually feel weird for the stripper, because they are not sure whether they are doing a good job, or if you are not enjoying their company.
In as far as pleasure goes, the more pleasure you get from their services, the easier it is for you to tip better or even ask for them to extend their services. Therefore, it all depends on what works for you and how much entertainment you are getting from the stripper.

In case you have the chance of interacting with the stripper before they offer you a lap dance, it is important that you be free with them, discuss the lines not to be crossed and so forth. This kind of understanding makes it very easy for you to enjoy one another’s company.

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