Is oral sex better than penetration?

It is quite obvious that sexual intercourse is really a selfish affair. It is all about getting off. Your priority is to get off. Although you want the other person, your partner or lover to get off, the priority is for you to get off. Oral sex on the other hand involves a great deal of intimacy and it is surely a selfless activity. It is also an act of vulnerability.

It is easier and less mortifying to just get into bed and light the fire of love by the form of penetration, but oral sex much effort and skill. Oral sex is all about giving. In reality, it is giving without a return unless our partner also reciprocates and gives you oral.

Oral sex is also an uncomfortable activity to some people if not the majority. Ideally, you are pleasuring the other person and they are riding the waves of pleasure while you are not. There is no other position as humbling as going down on your knees and giving your lover a truly selfless service of pleasure. It is an expression of the most sincere gesture of affection and trust. Giving your lover oral sex is an expression of intimacy and selflessness to give me them the satisfaction that is beyond what intercourse can possibly provide.

Oral sex is the only position in which you give control completely to the other person and submit to them fully. The focus is not sating them and you must agree taking the position and sucking or lucking their genital means you trust and adore them and comfortable to share yourself with them so deeply. You are also comfortable letting them dominate you and not feel like a less worthy being.

Sexual intercourse can be random and as quick as you want it to be. However, this is not the same with oral sex. You can be unfocused or rush through giving a blow job not matter how short on time you might be. It takes skills and mindfulness. In reality, you have to be fully engaged in it to give pleasure and attentively follow your lover’s reactions to please them and not hurt them with your teeth as you do so. It is true that oral sex is the only form of sex that keeps you fully focused on the act and gets your partner maximum pleasuring as their only duty is to relax and receive as you pamper them. Overall, oral ex beats penetration by far in terms of intimacy and pleasure.

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