What tips do strippers like?

The mainstream stripper culture typically involves watching the dancer or getting up close and enjoying a lap dance with a minimum $1 tip. The strip culture has its own rules, which are not well-known to strip club goers no matter how obvious they seem. It’s all about business for the dancers and the club owners. Money is the driving force here and it is of course hard to make a reasonable income out of a striping job if all a stripper receives are a 1$ tips. Although, strip clubs require persons occupying stage-seats to tip at least a minimum of one dollar for every single performance of a song or a dance, tipping 1$ does not really count as a decent amount of money.

For the guys who enjoy strip club and appreciate the entertainment that strippers offer you might be moved to give a tip that corresponds with your satisfaction of watching a striper or getting a lap dance. Although, tipping generously might leave you financially depleted you can still show some appreciation and make the best out of your strip club experience without breaking the bank.

The best way to tip strippers is really on what their personal preferences are. Tipping $1 or $20 bills won’t impress a stripper much. You should treat tipping like a game. First, find a good place to sit at the edge of the stage. Sit back and watch. Let the rhythm of the dance and its spontaneity drive you and react accordingly. Just the same way you would jump, scream and shout when your favourite team has scored during a football match, flow the same to only the wild and provocative dances and only tip for those. However, do not tip the typical 20$ or 1$ like most people will. Instead go up to the stripper you have been impressed with and stick a 50$ or 100$ dollar bill in their belt.

However, you do not necessary have to give $50 and $100 dollars for the strippers to not notice and give you their attention. You can get a little creative and take $1 or $5 dollar bills and stack them up to build a roof with them. This will give you a lot of attention and you will come out as interesting to the stripers and other folks in the club. Make the roof as big as you desire and stack it up high and you will notice strippers edging up to you and to offer you private dances. If you like it then take up the conversation and you will be in for a good time for a private dance with the stripper.

Other than money, personal gifts are also favourite tips for strippers. You can come with a designer pair of shoes or clothing as your tip for the stripper, but strictly for the private dances.

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