What you don’t know about ASIAN ESCORT MASSAGE

For the lovers of kink and fetishes, Asian massage parlors are a favourite spot. Asian massage parlors provide a one stop shop for both men and women. Although it is common for massage parlors to rule out sexual services on their items on sale, Asian massage parlors will definitely offer you a happy ending for your massage.

A visit to an Asian massage parlor or an outcall to an Asian massage parlor gets you both a massage and a happy ending. Typically, the massage will begin within the norm of normal massage techniques with a masseuse. She will set you properly and create a relaxing mood for you to enjoy the massage and bring you to different positions to rub your body sensually.

However, you masseuse is mostly a double agent and will offer you a negotiation to take the next step deeper into sensuality. If you were in for a regular massage, you will likely receive a proposition for the massage to be upgraded to an erotic massage. If you agree, the Asian masseuse will undress for a glorious display of her glowing body. This will be followed by an ultimate body rub in an intimate manner. The masseuse will also focus on your sensitive body parts and proceed to excite your sexual energy by rubbing your inner thighs, chest, and the genitals to give you a wholesome experience of pleasure. At this point you won’t let the pleasure drop the rhythm, but feel most alive and almost bereft of breathe if not completely breathless.

The masseuse will definitely propose to you a full-service deal for a happy ending entailing sexual intercourse at an extra fee. If you agree, which is quite obvious the case, she will take the rubber and put it on you gently and give you the go ahead to get on with her. It is not just sex like a vanilla in one night stand, but a full-on sexual intercourse with spontaneity and awash with thrill to help you relax and probably blow your mind to untold throes of passion and lust for all the benefit that good sex can deliver.

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